Investments in foreign assistance are investments for America.

Foreign assistance saves lives, makes Americans safer, creates jobs here in America, and is simply the right thing for the strongest and most successful country on earth to do.

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It's time to take a stand.

Unprecedented threats this year to America’s foreign assistance programs have inspired an unlikely coalition of Republican and Democratic members of Congress, retired military leaders, faith leaders, diplomats, policy experts, humanitarians, and activists from across the country to raise their voices in defense of America’s investments in development and diplomacy.

They know that American generosity has saved hundreds of millions of lives, helping the most vulnerable people on earth get the opportunity to thrive.

coming together.

Whether motivated by their commitment to justice, their faith, their national security expertise, or simply their desire to help people living in extreme poverty, Americans are coming together to convince leaders in Congress to protect the International Affairs budget from short-sighted, dangerous cuts… because investments in foreign assistance are investments for America.

Investing for America is a non-partisan joint effort of organizations and individuals working together to amplify the voices of experts and everyday Americans.

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